Mutant Space is a technoscientifically critical large scope visual art project about nuclear power and radioactivity. Research consists of visual surveys around nuclear sites and research on radioactive mobility. The aims is to contemplate on politics through artistic practice. It crosses over multiple visual media from atomic scale to environmental scale and embodies as installations, online publications and book.

ZONE: Mutant Space Chernobyl is one of the online components of the project produced with the grant provided by Terminal a space sponsored by the Department of Art and the Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts at Austin Peay State University to showcase and examine internet and new media art. Project was selected by juror Greg J. Smith for the 2013 – 2014 Terminal Awards. Terminalapsu is directed and maintained by Professor Barry Jones.

Mutant Space, Metsamor is a research paper and project proposal which focuses on the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant on the Armenia - Turkey border. The site historically and politically resembles to Chernobyl of the former CCCP.

Mutant Space, Spokane is a generative multimedia installation driven by a piece of Uranium-235 ore. The project is supported by Laboratory! – Interactive, Digital, Performance Art and dedicated to the memory of James Leroy Acord (1944-2011) an artist who worked directly with radioactive materials dedicated to the idea of transmutation and demystifying technology.

BLOG: Mutant Space as a part of the project hosts up to date news and commentary on the issues of nuclear and radioactivity.
by Atif Akin

Background image is a photograph of the tumulus in the Hanford Site, WA. Artist's archive, March 2015. at PaganStudio