Ralph > > Re: [Google Maps API v3] Can't use mouse to 'drag' map. Now that we’re over this, let’s move on to the actual work. 5/8/15. Open Google Maps on your device; A map will display with your location in the very center. Navigation is a feature that gives you the current best route. Before we can use the Google Map API you will need to create a Google Map account and generate the API key. This thread is locked. Bobby drives a truck and she has a MacBook Pro. Abby. 2. How cool would it be if you had a particular section on your Website displaying Google Maps pinpointing your company location? I also have problems displaying embedded graphics on some, but not all, sights. I don't want a alternate route, but change the existing one that Waze is giving me. You will need this key to get your Google Map to render in your component. Any suggestions? For example, after getting the directions from Mountain View to Palo Alto, I could change the route … The route is indicated on the map. You can follow the question or vote … So if you are new to a place you can seek out Maps and get the necessary info. You can save it offline if you have an Android device, but not with an iOS device as of this writing. On the route that Google gives you, drag the little white dots to the waypoints you want to go by. When you say change route, do you mean drag the route on the map? Tip: If you have more than one destination, you can't send directions to your phone or tablet . Please enable JavaScript in your browser for this page to work. Note: The above map with default options is in an