Visit Sunny Chernobyl

This book  is weird.

This was my initial response to the book as I was reading the first chapter. I was thinking he already said everything can be said about Chernobyl in the first chapter. I visited the same places that he was writing about in the summer of 2010 and with very similar intentions and had a similar experience. I came a back with a series of photographs and a lot of inspiration to start this project. So, in the moment that I saw the book on the shelf in travel book section of McNally bookstore I did not think for another moment to buy the book. Anyways, my frustration started as I kept  reading through the end of the first chapter, my designer dyslexia had caught  me and I did not realize the subtitle of the book starting with “and other adventures in the world’s most polluted places.” I still am not sure if it my dyslexia or is that a bad marketing trick to communicate the book as if it is only about Chernobyl.

The first chapter ended as I expected, read all the things that I was expecting to read and all was written in the most eloquent  ways and also very light hearted for a serious researcher. As his itineraries unfolded I started feeling less interested in the subject matters but more attached to his writing and storytelling. Still reading the 4th Chapter more to come…


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