errors in article (2 errors), and 0.17% students who made errors in meaning not clear (1 error). There are many ways to make good English writing. Writing English is not easy skill, especially for the 9th grade students of Junior High School. The common errors from a total twenty-five types of errors were analyzed and found that 57.39 percent were grammatical errors, 25.06% were lexical errors, and 17.55% were mechanical errors respectively. The participants in this study are 70 learners (31 males and 39 females) EFL majors, English from 4 class’s grades (2, 3, and 4) in the University of AL-Mustansirih in Iraq. ERROR ANALYSIS ON STUDENTS’ WRITING Marites Quibol-Catabay* Abstract: The study investigated the frequency and the types of sentence errors committed ... a good mastery of English writing skills is deemed pivotal and helpful due to the nature of written form in mastering English Language. Firstly, the writing errors are identified and i an analysis of students’ errors in writing recount text at the second grade of smp pgri 04 kalipare thesis by: lena anggraeni 201110100311148 Similarly, Leki (2009, p. He collected fifty two books which are used in composition writing over the last four terms, and then he classified all the errors… Errors in writing text in English are also done by some students at the previous research site conducted by Hendri et al (2018), who found that firstly, the types of morphological errors occur in the omission, addition, and misformation which Brown (2000, p.217) explained the errors as “noticeable deviations PDF | Identifying the EFL learners' errors in writing has no longer been important but essential. 28 5.2.1 The English Teachers Based on this study, it can be suggested that the teachers should be aware on grammatical errors in writing, thus they can recognize their students’ difficulties in writing so they will pay more attention to the errors made by the students and the causes of the errors in writing. the English writing because they still produce many common errors of English grammar (Chuenchaichon, 2015). They can‟t write the sentences well. an analysis on the grammatical errors in the students’ writing (a case study of the first year students of “sma negeri 1 cigudeg-bogor”) by: fajariani emmaryana nim: 105014000295 english education department faculty of tarbiyah and teachers’ training ‘syarif … Key words: Errors Analysis, Frequency of Errors, and Writing Recount Text. errors and this seemed to become their habit in writing. The present study attempts to reveal written errors of English learners at under graduate level in Mysore University ... Victor (1973) considered an analysis of errors in composition writing. and analysing learners’ errors in English writing. The common causes of errors in writing free compositions were from mother tongue interference, AN ERROR ANALYSIS IN WRITING REPORT TEXT MADE BY STUDENTS OF 9TH GRADE IN SMP N 1 GATAK 2015/2016 ACADEMIC YEAR Sagitha Litany Demastuti Endang Fauziati ... contribution in the rectification of those errors.