First Class Honours – 70 and above; Second Class Honours (upper division) – 60 to 69; Second Class Honours (lower division) – 50 to 59; Pass – 40 to 49; In case you qualify for graduation by doing a supplementary or repeating a given unit, a pass shall be assigned to you. This suggests the … Second Class Honours (Lower) B. D. 40.00 - 49.00. Online, you will be told a “2:1” (pronounced “upper second class honours” or simple “two one”) is: Equivalent to a 3.3GPA… This is not true; Reason: Anything LESS than a 2.1 is a huge step down in value. 80% of graduate jobs are closed to you. #2. a low 2.1 [average of 60-62] ~ 3.0 GPA. 1st class honours 2.1 Upper Second class honours 2.2 Lower Second class honours 3rd Third class honours เกณฑ์พวกนี้คิดเป็น GPA ของไทย เท่าไหร่บ้างหรอครับ พอดีวา if you're thinking of applying for any of the more competitive courses it's safe to say that the minimum requirement will be a 3.6 and for some even higher. Second Class Honours (Upper) A-. In the United Kingdom, a 3.7 GPA can be very roughly translated to “upper-second class honours”. 0. nak. Class of Degree Band GPA Range; Distinctions: 3.70 – 4.30: Honours: 3.30 – 3.69: Pass: 2.00 – 3.29 60.00 - 69.00. Minimum GPA: Distinction/2nd Class, Upper Division; 70/100 ; 75/100* B Plus GPA: Distinction/2nd Class, Upper Division; 70/100 ; 75/100* Bachelors Equiv: Bachelor`s (Honours) requiring at least 4 years of study; or Post Graduate Diploma, Graduate Diploma or Master`s Qualifying Year (awarded after 3-year Bachelor’s degree). [average 67-69] ~ 3.7/3.8 GPA. #3. Moi University Grading System in Kenya. Candidates from the University of Papua New Guinea will typically require a minimum of 4.0/5.0. Postgraduate: Typically a minimum of a Second Class Honours (Upper Division) is required. complete the graduation requirements for the degree, achieve a CGPA of 2.00 or above (for students admitted from Semester A 2020/21 onwards) *f or students admitted prior to Semester A 2020/21, the minimum CGPA is 1.70. Paraguay Warwick IFP: High school qualification will be considered for entry First Class Honours -70% and above; Second Class Honours (Upper) -60 to 69%; Second Class Honours (Lower) -50 to 59%; Pass -40 to 49%; Fail -Below 40% . a high 2.1. Report 16 years ago. Degree Class for each degree is calculated based on the final GPA as follows: Greater than or equal to 3.68 1st Class Honours From 3.08 to 3.67 inclusive: 2nd Class Honours, Grade 1 From 2.48 to 3.07 inclusive: 2nd Class Honours, Grade 2 From 2.00 to 2.47 inclusive: Pass Graduate Entry to Medicine – MB, BCh, BAO Honours Bachelor Degree NQAI Badges: 0. Back in school days the following GPA applies: 4.5 and above = 1st class honours 3.5 - ... = 2nd upper 2.4 - .....= 2nd class lower less than 2.4 = 3rd class cant remeber that of pass because i've never seen anyone with that Why then did a private Uni in the south East award my younger brother a 2nd class lower with a GPA of 3.7 and above. C. 50.00 - 59.00.