Installation views of Mutant Space, Spokane.

A generative multimedia installation driven by a piece of Uranium - 235 ore.
March 6th - April 3rd 2015, from dusk till dawn.

Spokane at Laboratory! Interactive, Digital, Performance art at 301 W. Main Street, Spokane Washington by Atif Akin, March 2015.

In the memory of James Leroy Acord (1944-2011) An artist who worked directly with radioactive materials dedicated to the idea of transmutation and demystifying technology.
Thanks to Alan Chatham of Laboratory! for his personal and institutional support.
Background photograph is taken at Washington Hanford Site, March 2015.

Atif Akin

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Mutant Space, Spokane

Mutant Space, Spokane

Mutant Space, Spokane